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Open hours:

Monday - Sunday
9:00 – 20:00
By appointment

When you need someone to look after your child


Call now +375 29 6-545-135


Tetya Motya Children’s Playroom is a kindergarten for one hour in Minsk. Modern European alternative to a babysitter.

At present, not every child goes to kindergarten. For some families it’s still not their turn in queues for child care places or there is no such need whatsoever, but the child needs social environment. Not every family is ready to let a stranger into their house. Sometimes a regular babysitter is not needed, or grandmothers and aunts may not always come to the rescue. For times like these there is Tetya Motya. We are open every day, no days off. We are also open on public holidays. 



Yuta Bakhvalova

Director, mother of 3 children


Education: Belarusian State Academy of Music, art expert, theater critic.


" – To contact me directly, please call +375 29 6540 400. I will be happy to answer all your questions.


I am in charge of keeping order and ensuring complete safety of Your children here at Tetya Motya!


Uliana Simonenko



Educational psychologist



" – Children are our future, and only by becoming aware of that, we understand that future is in our hands!


I am always happy to see new friends at Tetya Motya



Nadezhda Krylovskaya



Education: Belarusian State University, child psychologist



" – Psychological comfort and adaptation of a child in the group is the most important thing for me.



For all guests

8 BYN/hour

We are always happy to see You!


Come to Tetya Motya any time, leave Your child with us and run Your errands.



Second child - 50% off


Tetya Motya's darling

 140 BYN or 7 BYN/hour

20 hours - for 30 days*

A very attractive offer if You intend to be a regular guest at Tetya Motya. The price for one hour is only 7 BYN, Your profit will be 100 roubles. The subscription certificate is valid for 30 days from issue. The 50% discount for the second child does not apply.



Like home


 195 BYN or 3,9 BYN/hour

50 hours for 45 days*

This is perhaps the best offer of Tetya Motya. If You choose this option, one hour will cost You 5 BYN roubles, and Your profit will be 450 roubles. The subscription certificate is valid for 45 days from issue. The 50% discount for the second child does not apply.


Gift certificate 

Amazing gift!

60 BYN 

8 hours for 180 days*

Thinking about a gift to Your loved one who is tired of everyday routine? Give him or her free time! Full 8 hours of free time for a person you care about!

The certificate may be ordered to be delivered to you or may be bought at Tetya Motya. The most important thing is that the certificate is valid for six months! Give interesting presents!

To order a gift certificate for Tetya Motya children’s playroom, call now +375 29 65454135

When you need someone to look after your child

Call now +375 29 6-540-400

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